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Naturally Mine, LLC

Yoni Care Bundle

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Yoni Herbal Cleanse

Ingredients: Distilled water, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, Vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, cocamidoproplyl betaine, coco glucoside, tea tree oil, lavender extract, polysorbate-80, a blend of herbs, and preservative. Wet hands, put cleanser into hands or towel & gently massage/wash outer/inner vulva. Rinse.

Yoni Herbal Cleanse is pH balanced to restore your vagina's natural pH.

Not tested on animals. For external use only. Gentle enough for daily use. pH balanced

Yoni Herbal Spray

Ingredients: Distilled water, Lavender hydrosol, Aloe vera juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch hazel, Tea tree oil, and a blend of herbs.

Yoni Herbal Spray is pH balanced to restore your vagina's natural pH. Spray for a fresher feeling.

Directions: Spray 5-6 inches from your vulva or on your sanitary napkin if during period.

Yoni Oil

Made with a blend of pure and organic oils (coconut oil, almond oil, Vitamin E oil, jojoba oil), tea tree oil, lemongrass essential oil,  ylang ylang essential oil, jasmine essential oil, organic rosebuds, organic Lavender buds, organic chamomile, organic  calendula, and jasmine buds.